Why You Should Select Simply Good for Your Next Event:

Simply Good offers a full range of catering services to its clients, including quality on-site and off-premise catering.

Often one of the most stressful aspects of hosting a group of guests is providing food for them, as this is a multi-faceted task that involves ensuring you cater to everyone’s needs and preferences while simultaneously ensuring your guests enjoy your event. Determining which foods your guests prefer, as well as which ones are appropriate for your specific event can be somewhat frustrating, especially if you are unsure of how to plan a meal for many people. This is the point at which Simpy Good becomes a valuable resource, as we have the knowledge and skills to create exceptional food experiences that ensures everyone enjoys their meal.

The Benefits of Having Your Event Catered by Simply Good

One of the biggest benefits to hiring Simply Good to provide our catering food service for your event is that we handle every aspect of the food preparation, food service, and catering cleanup for you so that you can focus on your number one priority: entertaining your guests & making sure your event runs smoothly. Whether it’s a business meeting at your office, a conference, awards dinner or special gala, or wedding, our Simply Good team can help to fulfill your food needs, as well as make you and your event shine! Additionally, we have the capacity and experience to provide box lunches for participants in a golf tournament, U.S. military personnel exercises, and to emergency management personnel (first responders – police and fire departments) who have to work long shifts during extreme inclement weather situations.


Our team is equipped to prepare the food for your guests prior to your event and bring it to your location to serve or to prepare the food on-location at the venue where you are hosting your event (note: commercial kitchen required).

We encourage clients to call us no matter how big or small the size of your event which requires catering.  Simply Good has experience catering everything from small meetings for corporate and government department teams to dinners of up to 1,000 people at a sitting.

Next Step? Contact us to cater your next:

  • small meeting
  • executive meeting
  • board dinner
  • banquet / gala
  • non-profit fundraiser
  • special event (i.e. wedding, anniversary celebration)

Take a look at our catering menu options to get an idea of the choices available for your next event. Don’t see what you like? Just let us know what you have in mind and our team will work with you to make it happen. Complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to learn more about your event and catering needs and to provide you more details on how we can best serve you. We are here to serve!

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