Feeding The Minds of The Next Generation of Leaders!

Simpy Good’s school nutrition programs are designed to provide healthy meals and feed the minds of the next generation of leaders. We understand that the school meals that we offer each day ultimately plays an important role in every student’s life; helping shape good eating habits, overall health, and educational performance. It is with this understanding, that at the core of our dining programs we offer sound nutrition daily through the preparation of healthy and nutritionally focused food, as well as through educational programs for students to encourage healthy eating habits.

Meeting Your School Dining Needs Across The Board!

Simpy Good aims to provide nutritional school meals that are in accordance with the U.S.D.A. National School Lunch Program and satisfies the needs of all involved parties:

  • Kids want a variety of tasty, fun food
  • Parents want healthy, fresh, affordable food
  • School administrators and teachers want a fast, flexible food supplier who helps students be healthy and ready to learn


Simply Good has experience in working with school administrators, daycare center directors, and after-school program directors in the Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC area to increase food variety and healthy choices, student use of the cafeteria, and financial returns to the school.

Types of Schools We Provide K-12 School Nutrition Meals For:

– Charter Schools
– K-12, All Markets

– Private Schools
– Parochial Schools
– Independent Schools
– Summer School Programs
– Breakfast/Before School Programs
– Summer Camp Programs

Our school meals are healthy, diverse and appealing, with the main focus always being on the student. The primary goal is to create a setting that helps them make the right food choices and perform at their best by eating healthy.

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